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Дворец Дусит (Dusit Palace and Vimanmek mansion)

As a tourist in Bangkok, The Grand Palace will undoubtedly be a high priority of places to visit. The Grand Palace is a complex of beautiful buildings and temples and was the official residence of all the Kings of Siam/Thailand from 1782 until 1925. However, did you know that your entrance ticket to the Grand Palace also gives you entrance to the Dusit Palace, a more modern, but stunning complex of buildings including the current King’s official residence?

Dusit Palace is the political centre of Thailand in the 21st Century and was built in the early 1900s by King Rama V. It is a leafy area with a complex of palaces and royal residences which were created to help the King escape the heat and overcrowding of the Grand Palace. Rama V was the first Thai King to ever visit Europe and the Palaces he saw with their long wide boulevards and spacious gardens inspired him to build Dusit Palace.

Dusit Palace is 16 acres of gardens filled with dozens of buildings most of which have been turned into museums celebrating Thai heritage. Of these buildings, there are 3 that stand out architecturally and are great examples of how Thailand took European architectural trends and gave them a unique Thai flavour.

These 3 great Dusit buildings are; the Vimanmek Royal Teak Mansion (1901) The Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall (1904) and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall (1906);


Навигация для тех, кто любит мыслить картографически (как я делал эту схему можно прочитать отдельно):

Список зданий и музеев:

01. Ancient Clock Museum / Princess Puang Soi Sa Ang Residential Hall (музей антикварных часов)

02. H.M. King Bhumibol’s Photographic Museum (overseas) / Royal Palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Arunvadi (музей фотографий, сделанных королем Рама 9 в международных поездках)

03. H.M. King Bhumibol’s Photographic Museum (local) / Royal Palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Busaban Bua Pan (музей фотографий, сделанных королем Рама 9 в поездках по стране)

04. Ancient Cloth and Silk Museum / Royal Palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Oradaya Debkanya (музей национальных тканей и одежды)

05. Prehistoric Ban Chiang Pottery Museum / Royal Palace of Her Royal Highness Krom Luang Worasethasuda (музей керамики периода Бан Чианг)

06. Museum of royal possessions and oil paintings / Royal Palace of Her Royal Highness Princess consort Chao Dararasmi (Kangsai Western Garden Palace)

07. Vimanmek Mansion (Дворец Виманмек)

08. Royal Elephant National Museum (Музей королевских слонов)

09. Ticket Office (касса)

10. Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall (тронный зал Абхисек)

11. Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall (тронный зал Ананда Самакхом)

12. King Rama V Equestrian Monument (памятник Рама 9 на коне)

13. Royal Carriage Museum (Exhibition of carriages in the reign of King Rama V) (музей карет периода Рама 5)

14. Exhibition of  pictures of ancient royal ceremonies and portraits / Suan Hong Palace (Swan Palace and Garden) /

15. Paraphernalia of High Rank Hall (музей предметов королевского быта)

16. Service buildings (служебные здания)

17. Office Building (офисное здание)

18. Museum of Buddha statues / Suan Bua Residential Hall of Saisavali Bhiromya Princess consort of Siam (музей статуй Будды)

19. Multimedia tour of Dusit Garden / Suan Bua Plew (Flame) Presentation Hall (зал для презентаций)

20. Traditional Thai houses specific for central region during the reign of King Rama V (Здания традиционной тайской архитектуры специфические для центрального региона периода правления Рамы 5)

21.  Museum of Queen Rambai Barni personal belongings / Museum of Pottery from Sukhotai and Ayutthaya period / Phra Tamnak Tower - The residence of Marshal-Admiral Paribatra Sukhumbandhu, Prince of Nakhon Sawan /

22. Shady Pavilion (беседка)

23. Museum of Gifts presented to Rama IX to selebrate his 50th Anneversary of reign as a king  / Four Seasons Palace / (Музей подарков, преподнесенных королю к 50-летию его правления)

24. HM King Bhumibol’s Oil Paintings Museum / Suan Kularb Palace of Asdang Dejavudh Prince of Nakhon Ratchasima /(Выставка картин кисти Короля Рамы 9)

25. Национальная ассамблея Таиланда (Парламент)

26. Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall (Личный Королевский Дворец-резиденция)

27. Amphorn garden - park and exhibition centre (Выставочный центр)